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Since the discovery of CEA in 1965, a great deal of data has been collected concerning this interesting family of proteins in different species. Many areas of research have been brought together through the CEA family, including basic and applied oncology, pregnancy studies, virology, bacteriology, evolutionary studies, etc.

As those of you who work in this field know only too well, a great deal of confusion has arisen concerning nomenclature. Furthermore, the functions of CEA family molecules are still hotly disputed. Apart from helping to clarify nomenclature problems this site can give up-to-the-minute information.

The overall aim of this site is to summarize all members of the CEA family of the species investigated.

Please contact us if you have suggestions for improvement, corrections, inclusion of new information or general comments.

Use of this page

An explanation of the graphs is given in the legend. If there is more than one splice variant, a table with the variants can be opened by clicking on the number of splice variants. The graphs of the domain structure can be downloaded in Powerpoint and PDF format for easy use in own presentations.

human CEACAM family (Powerpoint) [371 KB]

human CEACAM family (PDF) [77 KB]

Clicking on the domain structure graphs activates a link to public databases (available for human CEACAM family at this time).

[last update: 08/26/2011]